Children Story - Yakomoto and the Red Dragon (Video)



A long time ago, on the island of Ushikawa, in the village of Roha there lived a very mischievous boy.


His name was Yakamoto.


Now, Yakamoto loved to play tricks on everyone and one day he decided that he would play the biggest joke on the whole village. One of the ancient myths the village elders told was of the Red Dragon. It was a great beast with big sharp yellow teeth, giant big wings, golden pointed claws, a flaming red body and could shoot flames of fire out his mouth for almost the length of a football field! 


Watch Chief Instructor Doyle read this story as find out thr end (or beginning) of Yakomoto.


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Yakomoto and the Red Dragon is being be made in to a picture book, colouring book and animated short story. For more details visit



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