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If you take a look at the map of the area surrounding Okinawa, Japan (the birthplace of Karate) you will notice that within a 1200 km radius there are many countries like Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. There are written records going back as far as 603 AD showing Okinawa trading with China and over the years many countries considered Okinawa as the "hub of trade" in that part of the world. Because of that, many leaders of the different countries saw that ruling Okinawa was a way to control trade in that part of the world.

Therefore, Okinawa was invaded many times and their indomitable spirit prevailed. During the 82-day long "Battle of Okinawa" back in 1945 (April - mid June) approximately one quarter of the civilian population died.

But did that defeat the Okinawan spirit? no.

In fact, it has made them a deeply strong people.

And truly made the philosophies of karate immense…

Each day of every week there is always something that may stand in our way so as martial artists we face the challenge and overcome it. But every once in a while, the challenge is bigger than we expected or it knocks us down faster than we thought or it even catches us off guard.

That is when this week’s Black Belt Word of the Week comes into effect.

Survival in the nature is governed by ADAPTABILITY.

In nature, the ability to change in accordance with the seasons or to modify diet to align with available sources of food; or to migrate thousands of kilometers to more hospitable lands, are key qualities to survival. It is these qualities that define the continued success of some of the oldest species of animals and plants found on our planet.

In the social life of mankind, the same natural law applies. Those who are the most adaptable are far more successful than those who are not. This holds true, for business, education, relationships, sports, and in any human interaction or endeavor.

Martial arts training at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, in addition to its physical development, promotes a mindset of “ADAPTABILITY to change.”

This mindset is receptive to changing stimulus that defines most self defense situations.

It is extremely important that you train in all conditions, against different types of attacks and attackers. If an opponent is stronger we must adapt with skills of distraction, timing, and leverage in order to “flow with the go.”

This is just one of many reasons that you should attend seminars, train at home, take private lessons, train in kardio kicks, practice tai chi, and even practice outside in different weather. Even training at different times of the day, and different environments is a key to developing ADAPTABILITY in your martial arts training.  


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