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Balance is steadiness and stability of the body, mind, and spirit: The right amount of the right things in the right place at the right time. At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, we believe a being balanced in all aspects of life is the key to long term success in life.


For children, teens, and adults to develop confidence, they need to know how to find a balance in their lives. In this case, we mean more than just physical balance, such as standing on one leg or a hand-stand. Balance means being a well-rounded person. A balanced person uses variety in their life to shape four essential pillars: body, mind, friendship, and family. This removes distractions, and allows us to confidently focus on the tasks, goals, challenges, and successes of everyday life.


At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, our classes can help recognise and maintain balance in your lives, along with our progressive and classical martial arts instruction. By participating in classes, you will see that we all work together as a ‘martial arts team’ to balance and function well. Your family is a team, and will benefit from this knowledge of balance just as much as training in classes at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts does.


A balanced and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand. In our Martial Arts classes, you will learn about various types of health and balance, including:


Physical Balance – Physical balance is an important part of Martial Arts, and other sports and activities. It greatly improves your health, strength, and athleticism. Making sure to get regular exercise and an proper amount of rest, each night is necessary to be physically balanced. Eating in moderation and balanced food intake are also dynamic parts of your physical health.


Emotional Balance – Balanced emotions help us stay in control of our actions – no one emotion needs to overpower another. Being emotionally unbalanced makes it hard to concentrate at work, school, home, and even having a relaxing time watching a movie or sports. Believe it or not, a balanced amount of happy and sad emotions ARE necessary to live a balanced life. This is an especially important skill to have in martial arts!


Lifestyle Balance – Working out, rest, hygiene, learning, and eating well all contribute to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, you will learn to balance work and leisure time – whether it’s work, school, hanging out with friends, or activities such as Martial Arts!  At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, we also teach you and your children the significance of balanced friendships.


Your family will learn how to have fun together in the spirit co-operation and fairness.


Whether at home, at school, or playing sports, we want you and your children to be fit from the tip of your toes to the top of your head, inside and out. The Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts can teach you how to be balanced, well-rounded, and uniquely varied in all areas of your lives.


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One of the best types of full-body movement programs that to help and keep your life in balance is the Martial Arts training like offered at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts. Karate, Kardio Kicks (Fitness Kickboxing) and Tai Chi all complement each other in a well-rounded blend of Martial Arts training.


At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, we teach a way of life. For over 30 years our professional Martial Arts system is a well thought out curriculum that teaches more than just the art of self-defense. We delve deep into our students’ technique, skill set, confidence, concentration, intelligence, intuition and overall physical fitness. 


The Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts has been voted the best club in Mississauga and Port Credit area since 1995 (that’s 21 years!) by the readers of the Mississauga News. In addition, the Academy was voted as the “Top Choice” for Martial Arts clubs in Mississauga for the last two years (2016, 2017). Most recently, the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts was voted as a 2017 Mississauga South Business Star for Community Impact Excellence.


Contact us today if you’re interested in martial arts and self-defense classes and schedule a free-trial class for you, your child AND your best friends!

Experience the top choice for martial arts in Mississauga!

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