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  • Karate: A Journey of Transformation and Empowerment

    In this article, we explore the enriching path of martial arts, particularly Karate, and how it offers transformative benefits to individuals of all ages. The title, "Karate: A Journey of Transformation and Empowerment," captures the essence of the article by highlighting the empowering and life-changing aspects of martial arts training. Embarking on the path of martial arts, like karate, can indeed seem daunting at first. It's a journey that demands vulnerability and carries the risk of setbacks. Yet, within this challenge, lies the profound opportunity for success. While all forms of exercise offer benefits for both body and mind, martial arts, including karate, elevate these ....

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    Karate is a popular martial art that offers numerous benefits for children, including increased confidence, discipline, and physical fitness. If you're a parent looking to set up a space at home for coaching your child in karate, there are a few key factors to consider ensuring that they have the best possible experience. Here are six pieces of advice to help you get started. Safety: Safety should be your top priority when setting up a space for karate practice. Make sure that the area is free of any sharp objects or furniture that could cause injury. Invest in mats or other cushioning materials for the floor to help absorb the impact of falls. Consider purchasing protective ....

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  • Top Five Benefits of Karate for Adults

    Karate is a popular martial art that offers a wide range of benefits for both physical and mental health. Here are the top five benefits of karate for adults: Physical Fitness: Karate is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise that helps to build strength, improve flexibility, and increase endurance. It also promotes good posture, coordination, and balance. Stress Relief: The physical demands of karate can be a great way to release pent-up tension and stress. The focus required to perform techniques can help to quiet the mind and improve mental clarity. Self-Defense: Karate teaches practical self-defense techniques that can be used in real-life situations. This knowledge can give ....

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  • Mississauga Birthday Parties Revisited

    Does your child want to be a ninja turtle? Is he walking around the house doing made up martial arts moves? If so, then there is probably no better way to make his special day the best by giving him a martial arts themed birthday party at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts! Hosting a themed birthday party for your kid in a way brings out the kid in you. Themed birthday parties are always a huge hit with children, since they can dress up like their favorite character and use their creative minds to live their hero's persona - at least for a day. A martial arts birthday party is not gender or age-specific. The core of martial arts focuses on the confidence of knowing how to handle ....

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  • Creating A Home Practice Home Practice Area For Tai Chi

    Creating A Home Practice Home Practice Area For Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is a slow, flowing martial art that emphasizes mindfulness and relaxation. If you’re looking to start practicing Tai Chi at home, you'll need to create a space where you can focus and move through the movements with ease. Here are eight tips to help you set up a home practice area for your Tai Chi training. Choose a quiet and peaceful location: Tai Chi is all about focusing your mind and relaxing your body, so it's important to choose a quiet, peaceful location for your home practice area. Create a calm and relaxing atmosphere: Once you've found the perfect location, work to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. You might add candles or essential oils to ....

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  • Top Five Benefits of Karate for Children

    Karate is a popular martial art that has many benefits for children. Here are the top five benefits of karate for children: Physical Fitness: Karate is an excellent form of exercise that helps to build strength, improve flexibility, and increase endurance. It also promotes good posture, coordination, and balance. Children who engage in regular physical activity are more likely to maintain a healthy weight and reduce the risk of obesity and related health problems. Mental Health: Karate requires focus, concentration, and discipline, which helps children to develop strong mental and emotional skills. It also teaches children to set and achieve goals, increasing their self-esteem and ....

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  • The Benefits of Joining the Best* Martial Arts School in Mississauga

    Martial arts training is not about learning to fight at all — it teaches you self-discipline, technique and respect to name a few things. Martial Arts training takes dedication and patience but for anyone looking to learn self-defense, get in better shape, meet new friends, you will find the Martial Arts taught at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts will be a life-changing experience. Why should you enroll in our Martial Arts classes? Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, the city of Mississauga, and its students know exactly why. It is an incredible way to become fit, muscular and toned. It’s a form of exercise you will never get bored doing, as is often the case ....

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  • Creating A Home Practice Area For Fitness Kickboxing Training

    Creating A Home Practice Area For Fitness Kickboxing Training

    Fitness kickboxing is a high-energy workout that combines martial arts techniques with cardio exercises to help you get in shape and build strength. If you want to start practicing kickboxing at home, you'll need to set up a space where you can exercise comfortably and safely. Here are some tips on how to set up a home practice area for your fitness kickboxing training. Choose a spacious room: You'll need enough room to perform a variety of kicks, punches, and movements, so choose a room that is spacious and has a high ceiling. Avoid practicing in a room with low ceilings or lots of furniture that could get in your way. Invest in a good quality mat: To protect ....

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  • Martial Arts And Flexibility

    Martial Arts And Flexibility

    Martial arts training at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts is a highly effective way to improve flexibility. With a focus on proper technique and a wide range of movements, martial arts training provides a full-body workout that targets various muscle groups and improves flexibility. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced martial artist, the classes at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts offer a unique and challenging way to improve your flexibility. According to Dr. John Whyte, a sports medicine specialist, "Martial arts training is an excellent way to improve flexibility due to the diverse range of movements involved in the classes. The movements, such as strikes, ....

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  • Martial Arts And Cardiovascular Endurance

    Martial Arts And Cardiovascular Endurance

    Martial arts training at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts is a unique and exceptional way to improve cardiovascular endurance. The intense and dynamic nature of the classes, combined with the focus on proper technique, makes for a comprehensive workout that benefits both the body and mind. From strengthening the legs and arms to improving flexibility, balance and coordination, martial arts training is a full-body workout that provides numerous benefits, including improved cardiovascular endurance. According to Dr. John Whyte, a sports medicine specialist, "Martial arts training provides a unique combination of physical activity and mental focus, making it an effective way ....

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  • Martial Arts, Stress Relief and Anger Management

    Martial Arts, Stress Relief and Anger Management

    Martial arts training has long been recognized as an excellent form of physical exercise, but it has also been shown to provide benefits for mental and emotional well-being. The Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts is an exceptional place to experience these benefits, offering training in a variety of styles that cater to individuals of all ages and skill levels. Stress and anger are two common challenges that many people face in their daily lives, but martial arts training can provide a healthy outlet for these negative emotions. Dr. Karen Smith, a clinical psychologist, states, "Martial arts training has been shown to be an effective way to manage stress and improve mood. It ....

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  • Top Five Benefits of Tai Chi

    Tai Chi is a gentle, low-impact form of exercise that has many benefits for both teens and adults. Here are the top five benefits of Tai Chi: Physical Fitness: Tai Chi is a form of exercise that helps to improve balance, coordination, and flexibility. It also promotes good posture and helps to strengthen the muscles. Tai Chi is low-impact, making it an excellent option for people with joint pain or other physical limitations. Mental Health: Tai Chi is a form of mindfulness and meditation that helps to calm the mind and reduce stress. The slow, fluid movements of Tai Chi help to quiet the mind, improving focus and concentration. Regular Tai Chi practice has been shown to reduce symptoms of ....

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  • “What can Martial Arts do for my child?”

    The answer is more than you can imaginer! Maybe your child lacks focus, and it can be frustrating to constantly try and focus their attention. Or maybe they struggle with attention in school. Or maybe they are overly energetic or shy. All of these things can impact a child’s behavior, self esteem, the ability to learn and the way they act. Martial arts gives real time feedback. To learn moves kids must focus intently, this builds their focus and discipline. They work in groups or by themselves and learn to work together and also be self reliant. Above all else it prepares children for a ....

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  • Top 21 Benefits Of Karate

    Karate is a traditional martial art that has been practiced for centuries and offers numerous benefits to those who engage in its practice. The Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts in Mississauga, Ontario, is a leading provider of karate instruction and offers students the opportunity to reap the many benefits of this dynamic discipline. With experienced instructors and a supportive community, the Port Credit Academy is the best choice for those looking to improve their physical and mental well-being through karate. Here are 21 of the top benefits of karate, as taught at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts: Improved Physical Fitness: Karate can help increase cardiovascular health, ....

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  • Why Rest Days Are an Important Part of Martial Arts Training

    Successful training in any physical endeavor requires a balance putting in hard work and proper rest. Many people forget to that your body’s actually breaking down muscle while working out; rest, sleep and nutrition are what help you build muscle that is stronger than before. This rest period is even more important when the physical acclimation of your muscles and bone structure is combined with learning a specific move or skill. At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts , ourinstructorsmake sure all students know the importance of rest and the benefits of give your mind and body time to recover. In martial arts, we train physically to become stronger, sharper and ....

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  • Back To School Checklist

    The Eight Aspects the Martial Arts Improve On... Summer Break is almost over, and it’s time for kids to go back to school. Back to school time is not only rough on the students, but it also affects the parents too. From helping with last minute homework assignments to fears of bullying; there are numerous struggles that a student can go through each new year. These also include peer pressure, challenging classes and instructions, time management skills and a lot more. Thankfully, there is a class that a child can attend to put their minds as well as the mind of their parents at ease and help them cope well in school to become successful young adults. What miracle class is ....

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  • Are We Having Fun Yet? Stress and Exercise

    Like taxes, stress is a part of everyone’s life. If you read an any article on stress most experts tell us that some stress is good because without it there would be no motivation to do anything! However, if you are like some people, serious stress and anxiety makes them feel bad physically and unable to eat, which isn’t good at all! For most of us though, stress is at a low-level most of the time. Our daily tasks and relationships give us a bit of stress but not to the point of major anxieties. Our bodies response to low-level stressors is designed to motivate us to action with a slightly raised heart rate and increased mental clarity similar to the ....

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    Step 1: Develop a consistent practice schedule
    Start out slow, but make sure you set aside a specific time and stick to that schedule as much as you can. Step 2: Keep practice short
    Training at home for 15 minutes a day ensures that you get practice in, without overwhelming your child. Take it one step at a time, and if you keep your practices short you will both be more likely to stick to them. Step 3: Reward Efforts
    Positive reinforcement does a world of good. Encourage your child in a positive manner. Remember to watch everything your child does, encourage a lot, and correct a little. Step 4: Expect progress
    As your child continues to practice you will see ....

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  • Spiritual and Mental Benefits of Martial Arts

    According to history, in A.D. 527, an emperor named Wu Di invited an Indian monk named Bodhidharma to visit China and help monks improve their health and physical skills. After journeying throughout China, he came upon a Buddhist temple in the province of Henan where he found the monks too weak and helpless against marauding bandits. After knowing learning the precarious situation of the monks, it was said that Bodhidharma meditated for nine years about what to do to help his fellow Buddhist clerics. After meditating, Bodhidharma wrote two books: ìYi Jin Jingî and ìXi Sui Jingî. The former was about exercises for developing external strength while the ....

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  • Top Reasons Athletes Should Meditate

    With the increasing amount of scientific evidence in the past several years, meditation is something that shouldn’t be ignored. As anyone who’s ever played a sport knows, the biggest opponent is always the one between your ears. Meditation gives you ways to deal with this ‘opponent.’ It doesn’t matter the sport; any athlete can benefit from the benefits of meditation. Meditation study on athletic performance is still in its beginning stages. But, meditation has been shown to help in other areas that could relate to athletic ability. Every coach should be looking at the studies that have revealed the usefulness of meditation. Phil Jackson, one of the ....

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  • Benefits of Kardio Kicks Training for Overall Fitness

    You will improve your health and have a fitter body by getting into kardio kicks training fitness programs. Kardio Kicks is the one of the best ways for you to have a stronger body and gain confidence. Kardio kicks workouts can help you be more aware and have the ability to protect yourself. Many people see positive results from kardio kicks training. You will develop stronger and more defined arms and legs. These classes also help you to gain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance. Kardio kicks training classes came into mainstream physical fitness training almost 25 years ago. People have seen the benefits on the cardiovascular and toning of the muscles from ....

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  • 10 Tips for Fitness Success

    Getting healthy and fit is on the minds of most people. However, many people are not consistent and fail in the first three months of an exercise program. But when fitness training becomes a habit and they stick to it, something magical happens after four months. You are finally getting the results you expect and chances are you will continue with the exercise program. Here a 10 simple tips to help you with your fitness success.
    Get Moving.
    Resolve to be active in a variety of physical activities, like the Martial Arts, on a regular basis that will develop strength, cardiovascular capacity and flexibility.
    Prime the Pump.
    Resolve to participate in physical ....

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    At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, we are conveying a strong message to our community as to why everyone, including you, should learn Martial Arts. This idea, for me, isn’t new; I have been studying the Martial Arts for over forty years. I believe that everyone should learn Martial Arts, but did you know that there are some very specific reasons why the Martial Arts goes way beyond self-defense. It can help in nearly every aspect of your life - enhanced health and fitness, physical enrichment, increased confidence, better concentration, relaxation, and, better behavior. The list goes on and on. This may sound too good to be true but it’s not!
    As a matter of fact, ....

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  • Creating Stronger Bonds Within Your Family

    In the old days, families created strong, loyal, life- long, mutually dependent bonds. ‘Blood was always thicker than anyone or anything else to family members.’ The family elders were always treated with respect and their advice followed. Outsiders had little or no sway over anyone within the family unit. Family elders were cared for throughout their lives and remembered long after they were gone. Today, unfortunately, that has somewhat changed. With this loss has come the problems which fill the headlines of our papers and the internet daily and which many of us must endure personally. One of the main reasons the families of old created such strong ....

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  • Anti-Aging Benefits of Stretching

    Why Stretch Muscles?

    In many exercise programs like weight lifting for building and toning muscles or cardio vascular exercises for increasing stamina and to lose weight, most people do not perform enough stretching movements. Stretching can be performed by anyone at any age unless that person has some physical restriction to stretch. Unknown to most people, the stretching routines involved in the Martial Arts covers all the benefits and also has anti-aging benefits! Benefits Of Stretching Exercises For Muscle Growth
    Stretching is an important aspect of the Martial Arts and should be a part of any exercise routine and program. There are many wonderful ....

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    Martial Arts Teaches... Self-discipline
    is the ability to get yourself to take action regardless of your mental, physical or emotional condition. Or as we tell the children in classes at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts : “Discipline is doing what you are asked to do but self-discipline
    is doing what you’re supposed to do BEFORE you are asked and being self-disciplined
    will get you to Black Belt!” Why It’s Important for Children to Learn Self-Discipline Early
    While it is certainly our duty as a parent to teach our children the difference between right and wrong, it’s also important to teach them early to make decisions for ....

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    Social phobia has a tendency to begin during adolescence but can develop much earlier. The onset of social phobia during one’s formative years can have a overwhelming effect on their social development. If left unchecked it can lead to serious psychological problems later in life. The symptoms of excessive shyness and acute self-consciousness are relatively easy to spot. If the child speaks very softly and says very little or if they shy away from eye contact. If they often cry or throw tantrums. If they are unwilling to participate in classroom activities. If they feign illness in order to avoid having to go to school. If they are constantly alone in the playground, ....

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    At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, we are proud to teach you not only how to physically defend yourselves in situations when your presented with danger, but we also train you in to develop a PMAMA (Positive Martial Arts Mental Attitude). Ajourneywith the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts is one that provides a foundation; a real basis for you to evolve into solid, upstanding person with respect for yourself, and others. Attitude is Everything:
    Positivity is so influential — there’s just no contradicting it. A positive attitude is essential to being successful, achieving goals, and growing to be a better person. Having a positive attitude helps you to ....

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    You really know your child better than you may even realize. Their likes, dislikes, favorite TV shows, and best friends. From the day they’re born you have had a front row seat to their lives. You are delightfully lucky to be a proud parent. Then one day, it seems like you do not know them. Are they just growing up and becoming more independent, or is it something else? With every news story of the tragic results of bullying, your heart likely stops and you think first of your child, and then of the hell the parents are enduring. Every bullying episode does not end in tragedy, but such incidents leave emotional scars on a child, ones that undermine his or her ....

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    Balance is steadiness and stability of the body, mind, and spirit: The right amount of the right things in the right place at the right time. At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts , we believe a being balanced in all aspects of life is the key to long term success in life. For children, teens, and adults to develop confidence, they need to know how to find a balance in their lives. In this case, we mean more than just physical balance, such as standing on one leg or a hand-stand. Balance means being a well-rounded person. A balanced person uses variety in their life to shape four essential pillars: body, mind, friendship, and family. This removes distractions, and allows us ....

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    Nothing is more important than yourchild’ssafety, but in the hectic, busy world we live in, putting safety education at the top of the to-do list isn’t always easy. At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts ,we believe physical strength and mental fortitude will improve the safety of your child. Two very important factors that contribute to safety are physical strength and mental fortitude. As a parent, you want to help teach your child how to keep themselves as safe as possible. When your child is both physically and mentally strong they will be positive leaders for their peers, but they will be able to defend themselves and seek safety if needed. With ....

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    Some people think martial arts is just for kids or an activity that where you can learn some cool moves seen in movies. However, the benefits of martial arts for adults are so much more extensive than some cool moves or fitness-oriented benefits. Martial arts for adults can improve your mental strength, change your outlook on life, allow you to adapt to different situations, and improve your social life. At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts , we've been teaching Martial Artsfor Adultsfor in GTA for over 30 years.In this post, we break down the top four benefits that you will receive from Adult Martial Arts Classes at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts. Physical ....

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    An interesting topic for martial arts schools is the age children should be when first they start their training. At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts , we believe the student and the parent play the biggest role in this decision. While some parents think no age is too young — as long as the classes are tailored for tots — many others think starting a child in martial arts too early is a recipe for disaster. In most cases, this will come down to the child, the style of martial art, the Academy, and the instructors, but there are other factors to consider. At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts ,we collectively work towards providing your child with a ....

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    The benefits of martial arts for children are well documented, with a lot of proven scientific, physiological, and psychological research. Training in martial arts can help children learn about the value of hard work,self-discipline, personal integrity and social skills, while building an outstanding foundation for a healthy and active lifestyle. So how do training in classes at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts end up benefiting children, once they're adults? How can growing up studying the discipline of martial arts help you grow and succeed, in the long-term? Read on and discover how the top five aspects of life with martial arts training can help children become a ....

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    The punch, kick and aggressive nature that the Martial Arts looks like can sometimes be thought of as a male only activity. While gender shouldn’t be an issue, we do find that some women either regard martial arts as a male endeavor or are intimidated by the perception of it being a “boys’ club.” With that being said, at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts , we acknowledge the many great benefits for women practicing Martial Arts and this thought that Martial Arts practices is a male pursuit prevents many women from receiving these benefits. Below we have highlighted the top seven biggest benefits martial arts for women provides. Empowerment and ....

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    I really don't even like using the word "exercise" anymore. Like the word "diet", which really just means what you eat, the meaning of the word "exercise" has changed. It once meant you were "physically moving your body to improve your health". That doesn't sound so bad, right? Unfortunately, it has come to represent activities that are mostly boring, repetitive, time-consuming, and unappealing. Movement is supposed to be fun. It should be good for the mind and soul as well as for the body. Our bodies are meant to be in motion. To be active, agile, busy, and full of life. We definitely were not meant to sit on the couch all day any more than we were meant to spend hours locked ....

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  • THANK YOU (2 Years in a Row!)

    It is with deep gratitude, respect, and humbleness that we thank all the students, parents for nominating and voting the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts as as the winner of the Top Choice Award for the Top Martial Arts School In Mississauga for 2016 & 2017. The Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts in South Mississauga has been voted the best club in Mississauga and Port Credit area since 2001 by the readers of the Mississauga News. The Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts was voted as the “Top Choice” for Martial Arts clubs in Mississauga for the last two years (2016, 2017). Most recently, the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts was voted as a Mississauga South ....

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  • 5 Helpful Things to Do to Start Your Personal Fitness Program

    The most common challenge that people we talk to face is how to incorporate fitness into their lives. They know they have to do something to get in shape but they really don’t know how. It can be discouraging because of the abundance of information out there. So much that you may not know where to begin. Our society has so many food and drink choices that it is easy to pack on the extra pounds. Also our day to day jobs are less physical as they where 100 years ago so we have more sedentary life styles. We know there are benefits involved when we exercise and cleaning up or diet. However, most of us know don’t know how or where to start. So where do we begin? Or is the ....

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  • 2017 Mississauga South Business Star

    Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts was voted as the 2017 Mississauga South Business Star for Community Impact Excellence . Awarding Excellence in the Community The 6th Annual Stars of South Mississauga Business Awards will took place on Wednesday, October 11th. The Stars of South Mississauga Business Awards celebrates extraordinary local businesses that are unique to Mississauga South and make our community a more vibrant place to live. The Stars of Mississauga South Awards is presented by the Port Credit and Clarkson Village BIA and the office of Mississauga South MPP Charles Sousa. The Port Credit BIA strongly values the entrepreneurial spirit of these businesses, and ....

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  • The Bliss of Martial Arts

    If you want something unique to add to your exercise regimen, martial arts training is probably the very thing you are looking for. Martial arts training has the benefit of exercising both your mind and body. Through martial arts training, you get a complete full-body workout that aerobics or weight lifting just can’t match. Martial arts have never been more popular as it is today. Hollywood action blockbusters that feature acrobatic fight scenes like “The Matrix” and “Kung Fu Panda” have been hugely successful (Charlies Angels, the Transporter, Bloodsport, Sister Street Fighter, Man of Tai Chi, Kiss of the Dragon, The Prodigal Son, Warrior's Gate) But ....

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  • A Simple 30-Day Trial

    Does this sound a little like you? “It has been long time that I haven’t done any exercise. I feel that my stamina is going down and I get tired easily. This is not a good sign. However, it seems like I cannot persist. I used to exercise regularly. I jogged 3 days a week for at least 5 km. On top of that I had Martial Arts classes twice a week. But now because of the “busy working life” and my favourite TV series on NETFLIX at night, I hardly have any time to exercise.” Recently I came across a very interesting idea which is called “30 Days to Success.” How it works is that let’s say you want to start a new habit for example ....

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  • 5 Super Simple Exercise Tips

    Fall is here and everyone will be spending more time indoors. With each new season comes the determination to begin exercising. Perhaps even you made a promise to add more exercise into your day. If your efforts at exercising are not going as well as you had planned, take a look at these tips. They might help get you back on track. Tip #1 – Do Something You Enjoy
    Exercise doesn’t have to mean spending hours at the gym running on the treadmill or peddling away on a stationary bike. It doesn’t mean you have to buy exercise gadgets on TV you will likely never use, either. Anything you do to get your body moving is going to be better than doing nothing. Walking is ....

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  • 10 Things You Should Know About Stretching

    Before Martial Arts training (or any fitness training), you must give importance to doing warm-up or stretching exercises to prevent injuries and to enhance your physical output during class. There are also a number of precautionary measures and tips to serve as guidelines when doing fitness exercises. Here are some of them. 1. To increase your flexibility and to avoid injuries, stretch before and after workout. Almost everyone knows that stretching before workout prevents injuries during the exercises, but only few people know that stretching after workout, when muscles are still warm, can increase flexibility. 2. Hold your stretching position for more than 60 seconds to ....

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  • 5 Myths about the Fitness Exercises

    1. Sport is for professionals.
    This idea applies only in the case of performance sports. The native qualities required for professional sportsmen (speed, skills, specific height, etc.) can only be developed, they can't be formed by training. As long as the aim of a regular person is not performance, almost all sports can be practiced for keeping the body in a good shape. It's all about dosing the training you chose, so that the benefits are bigger than wear and tear. Even the sports considered tough can be practiced in a 'soft' way (Kardio Kicks, Karate, Tai Chi, etc.). 2. Training is tiring.
    This idea is true as long as it refers to consuming all your energy (muscular and ....

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    If you take a look at the map of the area surrounding Okinawa, Japan (the birthplace of Karate) you will notice that within a 1200 km radius there are many countries like Japan, China, South Korea, Taiwan, and the Philippines. There are written records going back as far as 603 AD showing Okinawa trading with China and over the years many countries considered Okinawa as the "hub of trade" in that part of the world. Because of that, many leaders of the different countries saw that ruling Okinawa was a way to control trade in that part of the world. Therefore, Okinawa was invaded many times and their indomitable spirit prevailed. During the 82-day long "Battle of Okinawa" back in 1945 ....

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  • Benefits of Fitness Kick Boxing Training

    You will improve your health and have a physically fit body by getting into a kickboxing training fitness program. Fitness kickboxing is probably one of the best ways for you to have a stronger body, calmer mind and gain immense amounts of confidence. Fitness kickboxing workouts can help you to be at your best “fighting form” as well. Many people see positive results from fitness kickboxing training. You will build stronger and more defined arms and legs. Fitness kickboxing, like the Kardio Kicks, programs and classes also help you to gain a sense of inner strength and emotional balance. Fitness kickboxing training classes swept across the mainstream physical ....

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  • Six Fitness Tips for Women

    1. Get a program that will best suit you.
    Every fitness program for woman is different. You may have a pre-existing condition where a program may not be suited for you. Always consult a qualified trainer to make sure that the fitness program will not hurt you. If the fitness program is not for you, it will only be a cause of frustration and injuries. 2. Set realistic targets.
    Wouldn't you be frustrated if you set your mind into reshaping your body in month? Make sure that the body you prefer in a period of time is achievable and realistic. The program should also be practical and will not give you false hopes. It is important to be aware of the blocks you encounter in your ....

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  • 5 Components of Physical Fitness

    5 Components of Physical Fitness
    Physical fitness is the ability to function effectively throughout your workday, perform your usual other activities and still have enough energy left over to handle any extra stresses or emergencies which may arise. The components of physical fitness are: Cardiorespiratory (CR) endurance
    - the efficiency with which the body delivers oxygen and nutrients needed for muscular activity and transports waste products from the cells. Muscular strength
    - the greatest amount of force a muscle or muscle group can exert in a single effort. Muscular endurance
    - the ability of a muscle or muscle group to perform repeated movements with a sub-maximal ....

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  • 5 Everyday Skills To Prevent Chronic Stress

    Stress is something that affects us all. Chronic stress is long-term stress that goes unimpeded over a long period of time. The fear, flight or fight response (also known as the Survival Stress Condition ™ ) is on for an extended time and adrenaline is pumping constantly. This places fatigue on the kidneys and the body’s entire system. Many diseases are stress related; in fact, some experts estimate that up to 80% of all disease is stress related. Stress is a key cause of many small and big health problems, including hypertension, headaches, insomnia, skin conditions, diabetes, depression, and anxiety just to name a few. Knowing that stress has such an impact on our ....

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  • Face Everything And Rise...

    Students are back at school now. Back to new teachers, a new grade, new lessons to be learned but also back to homework, meeting new friends and unfortunately , back to intimidation by bullies. As a martial artist, training in regular consistent classes helps you learn to face new challenges with confidence and bravery. For the beginning martial arts student it is a challenge to get up in front of the instructor and classmates and perform their kata. My suggestion is to take every opportunity to do your kata in front of people. Remember, all the instructors at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts
    wants only the best for you so going into class with the “Oh what the heck, ....

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  • Eagles Are Very Fascinating Animals

    They have several characteristics that are worth studying and emulating. Some of these include beauty, strength, vision, and boldness. I believe that there are several characteristics we should apply, as martial artists, in our own lives but for the purposes of this blog, let’s focus on how eagles handle storms. Eagles have the ability to detect storms long before they actually happen. It is even more remarkable is that upon sensing a storm, rather than attempt to escape it like most other birds or animals will do, eagles position themselves to take advantage of the incoming winds that will eventually lift them above the storm. The eagle will fly to some high spot and wait for the ....

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    An article in the Journal of Sport and Health Science reports a study that shows that learning new “Martial Movement ™” techniques and kata, which includes physical as well as cognitive components, in karate training are improved. Furthermore, we assume that karate training in older adults could have an additional effect: the reduction of falling risk. This is due to the relation between cognitive abilities and falling risk and the training of balance and leg muscles by karate exercises. Source: ....

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  • Who would like this belt?

    Kyoshi walked into a black belt candidate class one day carrying two belts. One was a brand new Black Belt and the other a very old, faded, and falling apart Black Belt. He looked at the class by holding up the new Black Belt. In the dojo full of 30 people, he asked. "Who would like this new Black Belt?" All hands went up. He then said, "I am going to give this to one of you one day, but first, let me do this." He proceeded to twist and fold it and even slammed it on the floor. Then, picking it up, asked. "Who still wants it?" Hands were up in the air. "Well," he replied, "what if I do this?" He took the class ....

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    Teen & Adult Kardio Kicks Classes are a blast! Like & Share this video with your friends and family! CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO ....

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  • Karate Uniform, Karate Gear: What Does Your “Karate Kid” Need For Her First Class?

    So you have enrolled your child in martial arts school, congratulations! This is the first step to a rewarding journey for both of you. You probably have a few concerns about what is ahead but at the same time you’re probably really excited to see your child get into the martial arts. So what equipment, uniform and gear do you need to buy for the first class -- and how much should it cost? One of the great things about the martial arts is that it doesn’t cost much to get started compared to other activities. For example a set of good golf clubs can cost as much as $1000 or more. Starting soccer can lead to multiple purchases of a soccer shirt and shorts, socks and ....

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  • Karate – What Is It Really All About?

    This question seems easy to answer. But the truth is that it is not an easy question to answer at all, because it must be answered on so many different levels. “What is karate really all about?” Is it about learning some punches, kicks and blocks? Is it about memorizing endless routines? Is it about self-defense? Is it about health and fitness? How about making friends and socializing? And what about all of those buzzwords such as self-discipline, self-confidence, self-control, self-esteem and all of those other ‘self’ prefixes that cater to our egos? I have been training and studying the Martial Arts for over 40 years and have done plenty of research on ....

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  • Is Your Little One Ready To Become A Karate Kid?

    Beginner level Karate Kids seem to be getting younger and younger nowadays. What is the right age to start the martial arts? Is your little one ready to become a karate kid? Back when I started practicing martial arts in the mid 70s the youngest student that karate schools would take was 13 years old. Consequently I started karate at the age of 13. I was then thrown in with the adults and was given the option to “sink or swim”. As karate has become more popular over the years, kids of a younger age are getting started in the martial arts. There has, of course, been a strong influence from movies such as the Karate Kid (1984) Ninja Turtles (1990) and the Power Rangers ....

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  • Is Karate Practice A Viable Option For Your Family?

    If you’re like any good parent you no doubt enjoy spending time with your kids and sharing some quality activities with them. This may include kicking a soccer ball around the back yard, going to the local park for some pitching practice, or putting some cool music on in your front room and trying out your new hip-hop groove. However, how many actual opportunities are there for families to participate together in the same class doing something that is beneficial to all involved? The martial arts at the Academy of Martial Arts in Port Credit offer one such opportunity. There is a phrase used in the martial arts industry and it says that, “A family that trains ....

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  • C.A.N.I.

    Constant And Never-ending Improvement
    (CANI) is probably best described with the old saying “If you stop trying to become better then you’ll stop being good.” Henry Ford had a dream of making an automobile affordable enough so that the average American could own one. Was he happy with his car? Yes! Was he satisfied? No! He wanted to produce more of them quickly so that he could reduce the cost and more people could afford them. In order to make the car more affordable he knew that he would have to figure out a way to bring the cost of producing the car down. Through the combination of some brilliant thinking, a large amount of common sense, and a long series of ....

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  • Simple, not easy, but simple...

    The core value of DEDICATION
    cannot be held, accumulated, placed on a shelf, or hung on a wall. It is a moral code that can only be experienced because it is given and received from person to person or an individual to a cause. At the Academy of Martial Arts you spend many years standing side by side with your fellow students, training, challenging, encouraging, and supporting each other, a bond is formed through this shared experience that develops into a relationship where those standing with you become your ‘extended’ family, like your martial arts brothers and sisters. This sense of Dedication and Loyalty is not discovered as much as it is nurtured ....

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  • Potatoes, eggs or coffee?

    A daughter complained to her father that her life was miserable and that she didn't know how she was going to make it. She was tired of fighting and struggling all the time. It seemed just as one problem was solved, another one soon followed. Her father, a chef, took her to the kitchen. He filled three pots with water and placed each on a high fire. Once the three pots began to boil, he placed potatoes in one pot, eggs in the second pot and ground coffee beans in the third pot. He then let them sit and boil, without saying a word to his daughter. The daughter moaned and impatiently waited, wondering what ....

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  • Benefits of Martial Arts

    Martial arts can greatly benefit anyone and everyone who takes the time and effort to go far in it. Martial art teaches respect, discipline, hard work, healthiness, and pure will and strength. Which are all excellent lessons for children of all ages, and can even be good lessons for some adults; especially if it’s an adult looking to live a healthier lifestyle or have a way to defend themselves and their family. Having a child take a martial arts class can be beneficial in that the child will be learning important life skills that will help them throughout their life. Skills such as self discipline and hard work are just two of the helpful skills they shall be taught, and these ....

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  • Thank You For Voting For Us!

    Thank You For Voting For Us!

    Academy of Martial Arts recently won the 2016 Top Choice Award for Martial Arts School in Mississauga. Thank you to all who voted and made this possible! ....

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  • Adjusting the thermostat in your mind...

    I want you think that there is a mobile phone app called the ‘My Mind Thermostat’
    and, like the smart home apps, you can set and adjust your thermostat app to different degrees or levels of confidence. Most people, because of life’s challenges, set their thermostat app to a comfort zone and seem to be happy with that. However, like the different seasons in nature we all have different mental, emotional and physical seasons throughout life and we must, as martial artists, always adjust our thermostat with our thoughts, beliefs, and positive attitudes and get out of the comfort zone and into the success zones of mentality. Confidence
    is polished through information and ....

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  • The time will never be right...

    When it gets right down to it you can say you train in the martial arts (Karate, fitness kickboxing, MMA, Tai Chi) and think about going to class. You can fully believe that you are a martial artist but when it gets right down to it you just have to get off the couch, get out of the house and take massive ACTION
    ! Action
    is how wisdom changes the world. Without action
    , our knowledge and insights expire with us. Through action
    , whatever good qualities we nurture in our selves bears fruit around us. Uninformed or misguided action
    can be destructive, and much harm is done by people who genuinely seek to do well. But humble thoughtful action
    is what moves us toward a ....

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  • Back To School Time - Part 1

    Attention Parents: Are You Forgetting Some Very Important School Supplies! Martial Arts May Be the One Supply That Can Guarantee Honour Roll Performance...
    Back to school season is almost in full swing. If you’re like many parents you’re starting pick up those all important “School Supplies.” Topping the list are the pencils, pens, notebooks, art supplies, new clothes and many others. All will be much needed tools for your child throughout the 2015-2016 school year. But there are some very important intangibles that can help your child have a fantastic year that usually doesn’t make the “school supply” list. Not Having These Tools Can Lead To Academic Under Performance.
    85% of ....

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  • Back To School - Part 2

    Attention Parents: Still Forgetting Some Very Important School Supplies? In part 1 of this very necessary topic I discussed thing like how the Martial Arts may be the one school supply to guarantee better grades, how physical fitness improves academic performance, and how the Martial Arts is that one supply that will help your child when they are finished school and have become a mature, contributing member of society. In part 2 I will be expanding on some of the above areas as well as introducing some life-enhancing benefits including being bully safe, Confidence, Discipline, Focus, Leadership Ability, and Concentration. Life Enhancing Benefits- No Special Skills Required...
    We ....

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  • Three Secrets to Success For Martial Arts Kids

    After more than 30 years of research and study the senior instructors and I have discovered three secrets to success thatalmost guarantee black belt success for the children who train at our martial arts academy... READ ALL ABOUT IT HERE ....

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  • Testimonials

    I have already experienced many positive benefits from training at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts. The first would be overcoming the fear of trying something new. It certainly was nerve wracking the first few classes - however, with perseverance - things start to fall in place and the journey begins. Along with this comes an increased sense of self-discipline for sticking to it. I am also finding that my fitness level is increasing with every karate and cardio kickboxing class - this is a great cross training for my long distance running and overall physical strength and conditioning. I see the benefits of training in my son as well and am excited for my daughter to begin as soon ....

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    We proudly serve the Mississauga, Port Credit, and surrounding areas! Come see the programs and deals we have to offer. Kids Marital Arts, Adult Karate, Kardio Kickboxing and SO MUCH MORE! Fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today! Don't forget to click here to Like us on Facebook
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