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  • Back To School Checklist

    The Eight Aspects the Martial Arts Improve On...
    Summer Break is almost over, and it’s time for kids to go back to school. Back to school time is not only rough on the students, but it also affects the parents too. From helping with last minute homework assignments to fears of bullying; there are numerous struggles that a student can go through each new year. These also include peer pressure, challenging classes and instructions, time management skills and a lot more. Thankfully, there is a class that a child can attend to put their minds as well as the mind of their parents at ease and help them cope well in school to become successful young adults. What miracle class is ....

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  • “What can Martial Arts do for my child?”

    The answer is more than you can imaginer! Maybe your child lacks focus, and it can be frustrating to constantly try and focus their attention. Or maybe they struggle with attention in school. Or maybe they are overly energetic or shy. All of these things can impact a child’s behavior, self esteem, the ability to learn and the way they act. Martial arts gives real time feedback. To learn moves kids must focus intently, this builds their focus and discipline. They work in groups or by themselves and learn to work together and also be self reliant. Above all else it prepares children for a ....

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  • The Benefits of Joining the Best* Martial Arts School in Mississauga

    Martial arts training is not about learning to fight at all — it teaches you self-discipline, technique and respect to name a few things. Martial Arts training takes dedication and patience but for anyone looking to learn self-defense, get in better shape, meet new friends, you will find the Martial Arts taught at the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts will be a life-changing experience. Why should you enroll in our Martial Arts classes? Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts, the city of Mississauga, and its students know exactly why. It is an incredible way to become fit, muscular and toned. It’s a form of exercise you will never get bored doing, as is often the case ....

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  • Why Rest Days Are an Important Part of Martial Arts Training

    Successful training in any physical endeavor requires a balance putting in hard work and proper rest. Many people forget to that your body’s actually breaking down muscle while working out; rest, sleep and nutrition are what help you build muscle that is stronger than before. This rest period is even more important when the physical acclimation of your muscles and bone structure is combined with learning a specific move or skill. At the Port Credit Academy of Martial Arts , ourinstructorsmake sure all students know the importance of rest and the benefits of give your mind and body time to recover. In martial arts, we train physically to become stronger, sharper and ....

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  • Are We Having Fun Yet? Stress and Exercise

    Like taxes, stress is a part of everyone’s life. If you read an any article on stress most experts tell us that some stress is good because without it there would be no motivation to do anything! However, if you are like some people, serious stress and anxiety makes them feel bad physically and unable to eat, which isn’t good at all! For most of us though, stress is at a low-level most of the time. Our daily tasks and relationships give us a bit of stress but not to the point of major anxieties. Our bodies response to low-level stressors is designed to motivate us to action with a slightly raised heart rate and increased mental clarity similar to the ....

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