Mississauga After School Karate Club

Beginner After School Program Classes Enrolling In September

The Academy of Martial Arts After School Karate Club in South Mississauga is exclusively offered to different elementary schools within the community. This program is customized for each individual school depending on their curriculum and school belief system.

The Academy of Martial Arts After School Karate Club is a program designed to teach students how to pursue a lifelong fitness and wellness program and to inspire them to do so using the discipline of the martial arts. The program provides students with the fundamentals of fitness, as well as an introduction to the martial arts. Through a variety of activities and exercises, students will improve the fitness of their body, mind and spirit, most notably:

  • By learning and participating in stretching, strengthening and conditioning exercises, students will learn about the importance of physical fitness in their lives.
  • By learning martial arts stances, kicks and blocks, students will learn basic self-defense and increase their self-confidence.
  • By participating in team-building exercises, students will create a supportive learning community within the class and learn about cooperation, compromise and negotiation.
  • By reflecting on the ethical teachings and parables of the martial arts, students will develop positive character traits and improved social skills.


The goal of the Academy of Martial Arts After School Karate Club is to improve students' physical fitness and well-being and to provide an experience that will build their character. Martial Arts Fitness also seeks to develop the self-discipline and confidence that will help them achieve academic and social success. Each student will have the opportunity to earn stripes and achieve martial arts belts which will reinforce the content of the curriculum.

Our curriculum provides easy-to-follow lesson plans with step-by-step instructions, convenient checklists and detailed information to help instructors teach each lesson with ease. Each lesson is filled with elements of fitness that will improve the body mind and spirit.


To find out more about our After School Karate club and to reserve your spot, you just need to complete the brief form on this page. When you do, we'll rush you everything you need to take advantage of this exceptional After School Karate Club activity for your kids.

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